Millions of users and Machines connect to our platform on a 24/7 basis.
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Our powerfull API allows for any number of new imaginative ways to connect to people or machines
All the functionalites provided by the solution can be leveraged using RESTfull Https based calls.

connect everything


All your messages can be either stored in a private environment
or if you wish to do so, uploaded in the cloud and made available around the globe.

Even more to come

We are continuously improving our services and extending our features to provide a richer experience to our users.
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Company Mission

"One of the key achievements of humanity is the ability to communicate with one another.
Its time we extend this capability to the things around us."

More than just messaging

In todays world everything seems connected, we communicate with our friends, family, co-workers using a variety of tools and applications. Similar to us humans we have billions of online services and machines exchanging their information in various ways in a digital fashion be it via the internet or more enclosed local networks. Our goals is to bring those two worlds together and create a single pane of glass giving us access to both the human as well as the machine world.

Private yet Open, its not an either or choice anymore.

Many social platforms and messaging applications store your messages and your personal data in their environments or in some cases in publicly available clouds, and many of us have accepted that this is just the way its done. Well is about to change that, we deliver a solution that lets you make the choices and gives you the power to store data, messages and personal information where you want it to live. This can be your private datastorage, your companies premises or if you decide to do so in the global cloud.

Psssh, I am talking to my fridge

Ever wondered what your house thinks when its raining , well we cant read its mind but we can give it the ability to tell you when its the case so you can go and tell your windows to shut themselves. More and more of the objects surrounding as in our daily lives are getting smarter and smarter, we think its time to give them a voice.

From me and my friends to Everybody and Everything else out there.

We built our solution to scale, so that its up to you how far you want to take your network, from a simple server between friends, a group of baking machines , to a country wide mesh of energy converters, or up to a global network of cars, we built our system in a way it can scale up to your highest expectations.

Intrigued ? Find out more in our technology overview