Strong APIs

All functionalites of are based on restful https APIs and Json messages, allowing us to create an standardized framework that both upward competable as well as easily maintainable, stable and future proof.

Scalable and Extendable

As we are completely open about the specifcations of our APIs we allow our users and community to build their own integrations leveraging our technology. As such we are super excited to progress on this journey and see how far the framework can take us together.

Proven Technologies

The use of proven and secure technologies allows us to focus on functionalites without burdening us with creating basic functionalities that make the service run. Those technologies include:


  • Java
  • more meaningfull technology
  • Swagger

Design Principles

100% code coverage is awesome"

More than just messaging

In todays world everything seems connected, we communicate with our friends, family, co-workers using a variety of tools and applications. Similar to us humans we have billions of online services and machines exchanging their information in various ways in a digital fashion be it via the internet or more enclosed local networks. Our goals is to bring those two worlds together and create a single pane of glass giving us access to both the human as well as the machine world.

Super easy integrations

The snippet below shows how fast and simple it is to create an extension for your own device or application to work with


This starts the process block

do soemthing like calling vars etc.

This calls some vars

Method do something()

This creates a method that does something


This ends the block

List of APIs

Name Description Payload type
/api/message sends a message to a group json - message POST
/api/group creates a group json - groupname and id POST
/api/contact/ Reads contact with the given identifier identifier GET